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Arkansas True Grass is a Grass Roots Movement to Legalize Cannabis in Arkansas. We support the Cultivation and Legalization of the Cannabis Plant for all purposes. We Sponsor a Recreational Marijuana Amendment an Amendment to the  Arkansas Constitution that will Legalize and Regulate Marijuana for recreational purposes, and one that will set the captives free and clear all nonviolent Marijuana offenses.

​Petition Information

To download and print the petition You will need to go to our petition instructions page and access to the petition is in our slideshow along with other very important information click here

you will need Legal Size Paper (8.5X14) and printing must be done in black ink, in Landscape Mode.

Volunteer Information


If you would like to volunteer we are on facebook and ask all volunteers to join us there.  There we actively communicate and engage each other in our True Grass Group.  Click here to join us on Facebook

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